Kohei Hasekura




Human (formerly)
Vampire (currently)



Kohei Hasekura

Kohei Hasekura is the main character and male protagonist of the story. He has moved schools and cities multiple times due to his parents work. In his fifth year he decides to move back to a town where he used to live seven years ago, and live in the school dorms while attending Shuchikan Academy. When he arrives he is greeted by Erika Sendo, the vice president of the student council. She freaks out when they try to shake hands and avoids him after that. Soon, Kohei hears from Erikas brother, Iori Sendo, the president of the student council, that Erika is in love with Kohei.

In the past he was childhood friends with the Yuki sisters ( Kanade and Haruna ). He seems closer to Haruna because they exchanged letters when he moved seven years ago however, this stopped after her accident for a short time because she had lost her memory and didn't remember him. She only remembered him because her older sister told her about him.

Due to Kohei moving so much he never really got close to anyone after he left his childhood friends because he knew it would only be a matter of time before he moved again. He has forgotten his old classmates as he said in the first episode when he gets knocked out by Kanade and dreams about them however, stating he had forgotten their faces.

Kohei afterwards became a vampire after swallowing the red crystal shard.

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