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Kiriha Kuze

Kiriha KuzeEdit

Kiriha Kuze is one of Kouhei's classmen who he encounters on his first day at a school lesson during orientation. Very little is known about her other than that she's Kaya Sendou's servant and is almost a mute, emotionless character who rarely speaks and rarely shows up for school itself. In some ways, she's similar to Erika Sendo and her brother Iori. It was stated that she is the smartest of all students when it comes to math. She's been given the nickname 'Freeze-dry' due to her personality.


Kiriha is tall, has deep purple eyes, long dark hair with bangs over passing her eyebrows, clear white skin and carrying such an elegance that leaves many in awe but also carries a mysterious aura that leaves many wondering about her origins and personality. She is pretty like Erika but her cold personality doesn't help her socialise and make friends. In terms of apperance she is on par with Erika Sendo, Erika being the bright and joyful Vice President where as Kuze could be described as the dark and mystrious ice 
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Kuze in school uniform


Kuze is mostly seen in the Shuchikan Academy school uniform (though rarely attends) with the exception of wearing long black tights where as some prefer knee socks. She also ties a portion of her hair with a red ribbon on the side. During a free day off school, her casual clothes consist of a sleeveless blouse, dark purple jeans, a bracelet and a small necklace with a blue orb attatched to it. She is also seen wearing the gym uniform (though never takes part in activities) but the majority of the series she just wears her uniform.


Being that Kuze is the most mysterious and quiet characters, very little is known about her past. Almost as if she just appears from thin air, many try to have conversation with her but she merely gives one word answers, if that. During the typical school-day, she rarely attends lessons and always shows up late and sometimes disappears during middle of a school day. It is then shown that she spends a lot of time in an isolated field, behind a neck of woods, staring into space.

Kiriha Kuze doesn't consider herself as a 'human' as she is the servant of Kaya Sendo, the mother of Erika and Iori. She doesn't age and shares many vampire-like abilites, though doesn't require blood unlike the others. This may be the reason why Kuze is almost a mute as over the years she has forgot emotion and has been mentally abused by Kaya. It is likely that she never smiles or laughs in the whole series.

Through not attending lessons and lack of communication, she is incredibly smart and atheltic though her weakness is technology and computers. Erika has been in competition in terms of math but to her dismay she can never get a higher mark than her.